Zesty has been acquired by Induction Healthcare Group

June 10, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Induction Healthcare Group has acquired our portfolio company Zesty. TA Ventures is becoming a shareholder of Induction Healthcare Group, a leading healthcare technology company.  The acquisition will enable Induction Healthcare Group to create an integrated platform where patients, clinicians and healthcare organisations are interconnected.

The Induction Group already has two health engagement platforms across health markets worldwide, including the UK, Ireland, Australia and the US. The Induction app connects doctors and other healthcare workers to one another by allowing them to securely source and share information in a clinical setting. The MicroGuide app enables medical organisations to collaboratively create and manage their clinical guidelines on a secure, locally-administrated platform.

Induction has over 119,000 users in the UK and MicroGuide is currently used by approximately 75% of all NHS trusts. Uptake has increased notably on both platforms since January 2020.

Zesty provided a platform for patients to access their medical records, manage their outpatient appointments, attend remote consultations and read and store clinical correspondences. This streamlined approach to secondary and community care saved time and resources, as well as empowering patients with more control over their healthcare. It was used at more than 20 NHS sites.

Through the acquisition of Zesty, the Induction Group will be able to coalesce platforms that integrate patients, clinicians and healthcare information sources across multiple sites and EPRs. By pooling their resources, the new group hope to develop their products faster and improve their growth opportunities.