Wunder Mobility launches line of light electric vehicles

May 28, 2020

Mobility technology platform Wunder Mobility announced the launch of the Wunder Vehicles product in an exclusive B2B agreement with Yadea, a Chinese light electric vehicle (LEV) manufacturer. In this partnership, Yadea will guarantee the supply of LEVs for Wunder Mobility, as it attempts to introduce its line of vehicles for clients that struggle to source vehicles for their fleets.

The launch of Wunder Vehicles lets Wunder Mobility take a step towards being a mobility service provider rather than continuing to remain a mobility facilitator. The Wunder Vehicles product provides companies end-to-end support to start a fleet-sharing service, without needing to interface with multiple industry stakeholders to launch their business.

Partnering with Yadea helps Wunder Mobility to bring state-of-the-art LEVs to fleet-sharing companies. Wunder Mobility will also gain a grip over its supply, especially while operating in a supply chain environment that is extremely volatile due to the COVID-19 pandemic. a