Tandem launches new banking platform

March 22, 2021

Tandem Bank, an innovative, UK-based challenger bank focused on helping people save money whilst pushing for a sustainable future, has just launched its new banking platform along with introducing frictionless banking services for its consumers.

intive, a global digital powerhouse and Tandem’s long-standing technology partner has been supporting this endeavor to guarantee the most effective and secure development of the bank’s platform and its flagship digital products.

Tandem, the Good Green Bank, recently overhauled its platform together with its revolutionary digital app, reflecting the bank’s commitment to keep up with its customers’ expectations and offer the best user experience possible. By leveraging the newest technologies Tandem and intive have created a secure and scalable banking platform which aggregates numerous services and simplifies financial products’ optimization, whilst ensuring that sustainability goals and customer experience are not compromised.

intive has been collaborating with Tandem Bank since 2015, providing expert services in UX design, product development and optimization, mobile engineering, backend engineering, AI, machine learning and Big Data.

Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, it took just 12 months for Tandem and intive to develop the new platform, onboard more than 1,500 Beta customers and execute a smooth and secure migration of the entire customer base, deposits and mortgages books. The future-ready platform’s architecture was developed based on the selection of cutting-edge technologies, including a resilient cloud computing infrastructure, and with a significant focus on machine learning and predictive analytics.