TA Ventures has invested in Goin, saving application from Spain

August 4, 2020

We are happy to present the new company funded by TA Ventures —  a money-saving application from Spain Goin!

Goin is redefining how digital natives achieve their objectives through automatic and social finance. The platform, created in 2018, can be connected to any Spanish bank, makes it easy for users to save through the setting of specific objectives and methods such as rounding accounts or transferring part of the income to a virtual bank. Goin activates simple saving methods that allow users to save without even realising it.

Goin has closed this €5M Series A round led by the British fintech venture investor Anthemis along with K Fund and Encomenda Smart Capital.  Other investors such as Atresmedia, the North American fund Hard Yaka, led by Twitter investor Gred Kidd, number two on Facebook, Javier Oliván, the founder of Letgo, Enrique Linares have also participated in the operation.

We were lucky to visit Goin HQ in Barcelona before the quarantine and to see live how passionate the founders are about their business. The startup plans to use the funds to strengthen its market share in Spain, grow its team, and look towards European expansion.

Keep Goin!