Jeeng has been acquired by PowerInbox

May 11, 2020

We are proud to announce one more exit:  PowerInbox, a leading email engagement and monetization partner for publishers, acquired our portfolio company Jeeng, the artificial intelligence-powered personalized notification platform.

The integration of Jeeng into the PowerInbox solution allows publishers to take back ownership of their audience and drive traffic to their own online properties to increase page views and ad revenue. To lead the new integrated program, PowerInbox has hired experienced sales and product development executive Jonathan Stefansky as general manager, Jeeng.

The only solution of its kind built specifically for publishers, PowerInbox’s Jeeng subscriber messaging platform is a completely automated solution for sending personalized, curated content to subscribers across multiple channels to dramatically grow subscriber engagement, traffic and revenue. The platform has already been used by publishers like GoGy Games, Assembly, Salem Web Network and Farmers’ Almanac to deliver over 2 billion notifications a month and drive up to 25% lift in traffic, 40% increase in pageviews and 35% increase in revenue.

With Jeeng by PowerInbox, publishers can regain their 1:1 relationship with subscribers, give users the content they really want over the channels they prefer, while also cutting out the middlemen and generating the pageviews and engagement that drive ad revenue. Even as push notifications gain subscriber interest, publishers can still struggle to curate the right content with limited staff and budget. Jeeng by PowerInbox solves that problem with automated personalization and delivery.