TA Ventures invested in Fertilly

June 30, 2021

We are happy to announce our investment in Fertilly together with IBB Ventures, Wille Finance, Sanner Ventures and several business angels. Fertilly has been accompanying future parents on the way to fulfilling their wish to have a child for almost two years.

Fertilly (originally founded under the name “Dein Kinderwunsch”) advises women, men and couples free of charge on the topics of fertility, the desire to have children and family planning. These topics are of high social relevance, as 1 in 7 couples is involuntarily childless. Yet the discussion of infertility is still stigmatized in many parts of society, among women as well as men – Fertilly wants to change that.

By digitizing organizational steps and counselling services, which until now have largely taken place in clinics, Fertilly ensures better informed and educated patients. It offers unprecedented transparency in terms of treatment options, chances of success and costs, significantly reducing the number of clinic visits required on the way to treatment. Clinics benefit just as much as patients: By automating key process steps, a fertility clinic significantly increases its treatment capacity without requiring additional resources. Since 2019, hundreds of infertility treatments have already been successfully carried out using this approach.

The company intends to use the funding in two ways. Firstly, the expansion of the team and clinic network is to be driven forward in order to meet the strong increase in demand in the core markets of Germany, France and Italy. In addition, further markets are to be developed. The use of the platform remains free of charge for patients.

Christoph Müller-Guntrum, co-founder and CEO of Fertilly, reports: “Today, there is an average of one child in every school class who was born from artificial insemination. This number will continue to rise significantly in the future due to profound social changes. While fertility tech is already well advanced in the U.S., this development has just begun in Europe.”

On the other hand, a significant portion of the funding is being invested in the expansion of digital offerings. Digitalization is not stopping at the – until now largely analog – topic of wanting children. Due to its deep market experience and comprehensive clinic network, Fertilly not only wants to benefit from this development, but also to help shape it in crucial moves.

Stephanie Kaiser, co-founder and managing director of Fertilly, explains: “The topics of fertility, the desire to have children and family planning are moving into the digital world with increasing speed. Patients are becoming more empowered, have higher demands for transparency, and expect more and more patient focus from clinics. We look forward to playing a significant role in shaping this development in the fertility sector in the coming years.”

Christian Seegers, Senior Investment Manager at IBB Ventures, says: “We are looking forward to supporting the Fertilly team on its growth path. Fertilly creates unprecedented value for both future parents and fertility clinics. With the consortium of investors now in place, Fertilly has the financial resources to further strengthen its market leadership in its core markets of Germany, France and Italy and to expand into new markets.

Elya Chechenieva, Investment Manager at TA Ventures: “In reviewing Fertilly as an investment opportunity, we saw not only an attractive market but also a strong team that has developed a product to capture and digitize this market. In the face of modernizing legislation, confusing decision-making processes, and the ongoing stigma surrounding the topic of “unfulfilled desire to have children,” we see Fertilly as the optimal way to serve expectant parents both through comprehensive counseling and with a hand-picked network of fertility centers.”

Katharina Iten of Wille Finance – who already has a stake in Ava Fertility, among others – is pleased to be part of Fertilly’s success story: “With this investment, we have found a strong team that successfully addresses problems with high social relevance through innovative solutions. We look forward to accompanying Fertilly on this journey.”

About Fertilly

Fertilly has made it its mission to accompany women, men and couples on the path to fulfilling their desire to have a child. The company offers patients pre-medical counseling services and patient-centered, digital processes that make the path to a desired child much easier. In doing so, Fertilly helps to find the most suitable fertility center for each individual concern. The company is already active in Germany, Italy and France and aims to become the leading European platform on the subject of the unfulfilled desire to have a child.