TA Ventures's IDCEE 2013 Conference Announced it's Winners

According to jury, the best startup at IDCEE is Ubertesters (Israel). It gets €15K in cash. The First Runner Up is KreditAja (Singapore) with €10K, and the Second Runner Up is Backendless(Ukraine), which received €5K.

Ubertesters (Israel) is a cloud based mobile app testing tool platform. It offers build distribution, bug submission and management/monitoring tools, and keeps the project manager in control of the testing process.

KreditAja (Singapore) is a web and mobile marketplace for personal loans and credit. The platform allows borrowers to compare and lock-in personal finance offers from multiple lenders with 1 simple application.

Backendless (Ukraine) develops a cloud-based SaaS platform targeting mobile application developers. The platform enables development of mobile applications at 2x (and higher) speed and significantly reduces overall development cost.

IDCEE Startup Alley with 150 projects is one of the biggest in Eastern Europe. This year, startups were chosen among 200+ applicants from 25 countries of the world. Majority of them is from Ukraine (2/3), and the rest are from Russia, CIS and CEE, as well as the USA. “The IDCEE Startup Alley was predominantly represented by startups in such spheres as SAAS, e-commerce and mobile apps”, says Viktoriya Tigipko, IDCEE organizer. “In comparison with the previous year, we saw much more startups for online education, which is one of the most popular modern global trends. And there are fewer projects for social networks”.

The IDCEE 2013 audience had an opportunity to listen to 50 keynotes and 8 panel discussions from the industry leaders across the globe. “We try to choose the most trendy topics which are important both for global and local community”, says Viktoriya Tigipko. “This year, our core topics were online education, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship in Brazil. Next year, we want to touch upon such areas as e-health, charity, media, and to continue screening such fields as e-commerce, mobile apps and others”.
The next 5th edition of the “IDCEE. Internet Technologies and Innovations” conference is to take place on October 16-17th, 2014.

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