TA Ventures and Salans hosted a workshop for IT-entrepreneurs and investors

Victoria Tigipko, Director of TA Ventures, expressed such opinion during the seminar called "Legal regulation in the Internet sphere and innovative business", which took place in Kiev on April 24. The seminar was organized by TA Ventures VC fund and international law firm Salans. "The Russian experience in the legislative regulation of the Internet is useful for Ukraine, and such events as this seminar organized by TA Ventures and Salans should become a tradition in our country. Domestic internet business is being actively developed and requires new approaches and adapted legal framework", said Victoria Tigipko.

One of the main topics of the seminar was the taxation of the implementation of the international Internet projects in Ukraine. Victor Naumov, Managing Partner of the St. Petersburg’s office of Salans, and one of the leading attorney in the field of intellectual property and information technologies, advises companies that implement such projects to take into consideration issues related to the definition of the corporate legal entity, choice of jurisdiction, protection of private data of users and protection of the rights of consumers of the future service. "Of high importance is the protection of the intellectual property of project developers and policy development to block illegal content, which can be downloaded by users from the Internet," emphasized Victor Naumov.

The event attracted more than 100 participants: lawyers, IT entrepreneurs, business and legal journalists, who listened to keynotes about legal aspects of establishing and maintaining an online business, latest trends in the development of legislation in the field of Internet business, in particular, based on the example of Russia.
"The idea of organizing such an event came to us during the IDCEE-2011, as we understood that the legal aspect of Internet entrepreneurship requires special attention. One thing is clear: Ukraine needs new legislation in the field of IT and Russia's experience may be helpful considering all the mistakes and amendments that were made. We have an opportunity to make conclusions ourselves as to what we should do and what we should not do", said Victoria Tigipko, Director of TA Ventures.
In turn, Natalia Selyakova, Partner at the Salans Kiev office, said that the legal community is aware of the importance of business development in the Internet space, as well ass the importance of high quality legal assistance in such business development. "International expertise of Salans and our Russian experience in particular is a reliable support for innovative business development in Ukraine", said Natalia Selyakova.

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