Business meeting iClub Meet-up took place
Business meeting iClub Meet-up took place

On December 14 at 17:00, the iClub Meet-up business meeting was held at the Fairmont Grand Hotel in Kyiv. The meeting opened with a presentation by David Smith, a well-known strategist and futurologist, consultant to the UK government, the European Union and major international corporations.

The event began with the welcome speech of the founder and managing partner of the venture fund TA Ventures Viktoriya Tigipko: “The technological start-ups occupy all traditional markets and business verticals. It is time to face challenges of the technological era and invest in innovation. Therefore, today we announce the creation of the first private investors’ club in Ukraine – iClub. It is an opportunity to invest in the best start-ups around the world that are inaccessible to most investors, with no membership fee for active investors, 0% management fee/carry when investing in Ukrainian start-ups, full legal, analytical, financial support of transactions, and education – iClub Academy, meet-ups, tech-conferences.

The first event of the business program was a special presentation “Future of business. 2030” by David Smith, Executive Director of Global Futures and Foresight. While talking about global trends, David noted that “digital will make 40% of companies irrelevant in 10 years”. The expert also said that “90% of the professions that we know today will be automated by 2030. In the risk zone are accountants, real estate agents, and others. Instead, new professions will appear, for example, specialists who produce body parts, nano-doctors, farmers specializing in the cultivation of genetically modified crops.”

The business meeting continued after a short break with a panel discussion “Hard Talk: Ukraine. Business. From offline to online.”

We remind you that exclusive business meetings iClub Meet-up are held twice a year – in December in Kyiv, and in July as part of the business program of the Odesa International Film Festival. The event is open to owners of Ukrainian companies, top-managers of corporations, as well as experts in Internet technologies and investments.
iClub is an exclusive club of private investors created in partnership with the venture fund TA Ventures. The fund has been featured in Ukrainian and international ratings of the most active investment companies. Since its foundation, TA Ventures has invested in 115 companies and exited from 34 investments. The main mission of iClub is the development of the private investment ecosystem in Ukraine.

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