We feel responsibility for supporting local communities in Ukraine and have made nonprofits one of our pillars. Since 2010, TA Ventures has been supporting the efforts of several initiatives. Working for these projects brings profound meaning to what we do. We have a longstanding commitment to giving back. That's why we have been providing significant financial support to various nonprofits in Ukraine


TA Labs is an R&D consulting arm of TA Ventures.

TA Labs' mission is to help IT product companies succeed by boosting their technology excellence. Leveraging Ukraine’s vast talent pool, comprising 100,000+ developers, 1,000+ outsourcing companies, and 100+ R&D centers, we help our partners to build dedicated R&D teams/offices in Ukraine.

Our solution allows our partners to have core expertise and talent ownership since their remote lab operates as their subsidiary company and they exercise full control of their remote talent pool. Besides, we advise on the best local-remote team setup. Since we make money via investment, we can afford to be a friendly partner.

Ukrainian developers are well known for their high skill sets, high math capacity, as well as excellent work ethics and culture compatibility. They are much more cost effective compared to developers in the US and Western Europe. We have already placed 200+ developers for our portfolio companies and partners.

For more information, please contact Dmitri Lisitski:


Finnolabs is the FinTech R&D initiative of TA Ventures.

We create remote development teams for FinTech companies, building on our experience in financial software systems and Ukraine's vast, cost-efficient engineering resources. Our setup enables the partner to have full control of their team while using the best technical talent and optimising costs.

The Finnolabs team has deep experience in FinTech, having managed development of CRM systems, p2p lending platforms, e-wallets and multiple other solutions. We take care of sourcing best developers, advise on the optimal team setup and handle all HR, legal and administrative hassles.

Fintech development is one of the core specialities in Ukrainian IT, and the market is flooded with highly proficient developers experienced in both internally- and consumer-oriented high-load systems. Ukrainian IT professionals are also known for excellent work ethics and culture compatibility and are 2-4x more cost-efficient than developers in Western Europe or the US.

Code Club Ukraine

One of the very special projects to us that TA Ventures is backing is Code Club Ukraine a volunteer-led initiative with the main goal to teach 911 year olds how to code. Code Club is a global initiative of Code Club World with HQ in the UK. So far, 32 countries are in 6.000 clubs worldwide 45.000 students enrolled.

At Code Club, we think all children should have the opportunity to learn to code, no matter who they are or where they come from. The mission is to give all children the skills, confidence and opportunity to shape their world.

If you wish to support Code Club Ukraine (become a volunteer or recommend one, start a club in your community, donate computers, spread a message accross media, or back financially), please contact Head of Ukrainian brunch Maxim Makarov at


Since 2010 till 2014, TA Ventures was a General Partner of the "IDCEE. Internet Technologies and Innovations", which served as a leading international tech conference in Ukraine and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Annually, IDCEE was welcoming 2,500+ attendees from 45 countries; 150 startups at Alley; 300+ investors; 80+ speakers. Among attendees where founders and CEOs of web companies, investors, startups, developers and CTOs. All the key local tech entrepreneurs used to attend IDCEE. For the 5 years of its existence, IDCEE has been considered to be an entry point to the CEE web/VC market and one of the TOP-5 IT events in CEE.

Among the speakers of the conference were such tech and VC Iuminaries as Alan Patricof (Greycroft Partners), Esther Dyson (EDVenture Holdings), Drew Guff (Siguler Guff), Fabrice Grinda (OLX cofounder), Tomasz Czechowicz (MCI Management), Florian Heinemann (Project A), Limor Schweitzer (Robosavvy), Chris Chabot (Twitter), Philippe Botteri (Accel Partners), Alan Caffi (Ventech), Bessie Lee (WPP China), Andreas Haug (eVentures), Jose Marin (IG Expansion), Tim Draper (DFJ), Avishai Abrahami (WIX), Bernhard Niesner (Busuu), Martin Weber (Holtzbrinck), Jan Henric Buettner (BV Capital), Joachim Schoss (Myhanicap), Glenn Fogel (Priceline), Mark Zbikowski (Microsoft, Jelastic, Parallels), Gareth Williams (Skyscanner), Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP creator), Steffen Krause (Amazon).

Majority of international VC funds were regular visitors at IDCEE: Accel Partners, Intel Capital, Bessemer VP, Earlybird VC, Mangrove CP, Holtzbrinck Ventures, Almaz Capital, Runa Capital, eVentures, Project A Ventures, bto v, Russia Partners, IG Expansion, MCI Management and others.

Guidance for Ukrainian startups

Our goal is to help Ukrainian companies whenever and wherever we can to grow their business and expand to a global market. In addition to our financial investment, we invest social capital and resources that we believe also bring a consistent value to drive a startup's success.

Our team works closely with founders to create strategic advantages in business development, growth and fundraising. Our network of more than 500 co-investors and partners includes major global corporations and high level executives from some of the largest technology and investment companies.

We embrace our relationships to provide investor introduction, corporate guidance, team hiring, marketing support and software development partnerships. We help to find tech, business, financial and VC partners from our global network and bridge fundraising from other VCs. To build deeper relationships, we invite all Ukrainian founders to apply for our mentorship. The TA Ventures network provides a space for guiding conversations and recommended resources.