TA Ventures has been supporting great companies since 2010. We have been privileged to invest in Auctionata, Azimo, Beepi, Dreamlines, FinanzCheck, NU3, SumUp, Wallapop and many other successful companies. So far, we have backed 100 startups, and have achieved 27 exits.

Investment Focus


at seed stage


at series a

  • We focus on investing in seed stage and Series A deals, and can write bigger checks at a later stage as well.
  • Normally, we do not invest in pre-revenue and/or pre-launch companies.
  • We mostly invest in primary transactions, but opportunistically we can do secondary transactions as well.
  • Normally, we do not lead.
  • We believe that tomorrow’s leading companies can be found in many different places. Thus, we invest globally, though majority of our investments are in the US and Europe (Germany, UK and Ukraine).
  • We look for projects with a high level of ‘hard-to-clone’ IP.
  • We take decisions quickly. Usually, it takes us 2-3 weeks from start to final decision.
Added value

Normally, we do not take a BoD seat and do not join advisory boards, but we go beyond to be helpful to our founders.

Our major added value is the ability to find highly skilled and cost-effective teams of developers in Central and Eastern Europe. We have been helping our portfolio companies and partner VCs to identify software development and R&D outsourcing teams most suitable for them since 2010.

The TA Ventures team has 30+ years of combined experience in the startup and VC industry. With our long established network, we support our companies in finding the right partners and help to open doors for future investments.

...have been helping to identify software development and R&D outsourcing teams...
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